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Normal TLC 78 Base specification


CEN B4, B5, B6 & B7



Ambulance Conversion:

All units to be designed specifically for the vehicle quoted which will incorporate all necessary equipment and medical items and sufficient storage cabinets specified within this document. Material used will be an integral composite, ideally suited for use within a medical environment – easy to clean and hygiene friendly. Flooring to be covered in polyurethane vinyl sheeting with grip for safety. A window will be installed between the rear and drivers compartment.

Electrical Upgrades:

In order to accommodate for additional electrical items, the vehicle is to be fitted with a power inverter which will distribute the increase in power load, in order to incorporate plugs, emergency lighting etc and to be powered with the correct voltage. This will supply power to:

  • Various sockets to be included 12v and 220 v
  • Roof lights for patient compartment
  • Air conditioning system in patient compartment
  • Light Bar
  • Siren/Public speaker System & Amplifier
  • 2 Square type strobe lights on the front of vehicle
  • Rear Projector Scene light
  • Roof ventilation extractor
  • 2 rotating lights on rear of roof
  • Main Wheeled Transporter:

    Main stretcher with safety belt, the stretcher is mounted on the floor with rail and locking system. Tubular aluminium construction provides durability & strength. This cot adjusts to six height levels. Adjustable backrest angle from 0° to 75° allows patient to be positioned during transportation. Two patient restraints ensure maximum safety of the patient during transport.
    Maximum Height: 85 cm
    Minimum Height: 32 cm
    Maximum Length: 193 cm
    Overall width: 58 cm
    Weight (without mattress) 29 kg
    Load limit: 180 kg

    Folding Stretcher:

    Opened Position: 2000(L) x 550(W) x 150(H) mm
    Tubes: Dia. 30 x 1.5 mm
    Carrying Capacity: 150 kg

    Complete First Aid Kit:

    2 PIC 3 Box with:3 towellettes w/ disinfectants
    2 towellettes w/ ammonium hydroxide 4%
    3 hygenic soap pouches
    2 adhesive plaster rolls M.5 x 1.25cm
    1 pack of gauze bandages
    5 packs of sterile gauze cm. 10x10 12 folds
    5 packs of 25 pcs sterile gauzes cm 10x10
    5 cotton wool packs GR.50
    6 safety pins
    4 triangular bandages TNT cm.96 x 96 x 136
    1 pair of scissors 10cm
    2 sterile tweezers
    1 disposable sterile scalpel
    1 haemostatic lacet
    8 hypodermic syringes cc. 5 w/ towelettes
    1 plastic kidney dish
    4 eco splints 22cm
    1 pack of 20 adhesive plasters

    Manual Resuscitator:

    Ambo set with adult mask
    Hand operated, compressible self refilling ventilation bag with non-re-breathing patient valve with pressure limitation valve to minimize the risk of over inflating, intake valve with nipple for oxygen tubing. Supplied with an oxygen reservoir bag (suitable capacity) and one meter oxygen tubes. Resuscitator can be disassembled for cleaning, disinfecting or autoclaving process.

    Oxygen Cylinder:

    Inclusive of mounting bracket and regulator fitment – Qty: 2x Large & 1x Small

    Other Features:

    Head Immobilizer – with adjustable straps
    Adequate supply of oxygen piped to both seat and stretcher locations to sustain a ventilated patient for the trip
    Mounting brackets fitted for cardiac monitor and ventilator
    1x Cervical Collar (adjustable)
    2x Oxygen Masks
    1x Stethoscope
    Portable Suction Unit
    IV Hooks/Brackets on ceiling
    Full set of Syringes (various sizes)
    Bio-Medical Waste bin (Sharps)
    3x Fire Extinguishers, positioned; 2 rear & 1 front
    Intercom System between driver & patient compartment
    Portable Search Light
    Ambulance Blanket


  • Standard & Luxury options available
  • 360-degree perimeter protection including firewall, roof & double floor protection
  • High-quality multi-layer ballistic glass
  • Fuel Tank Protection
  • All five wheels are fitted with a heavy duty run-flat tire system
  • Many additional fittings available, including heavy duty bumpers, roof racks, wheel mounts antenna mounts etc.
  • Re-enforced door hinges and door supports
  • Battery & ECM Protection
  • Complete Suspension system upgrade with high quality parts
  • Armor overlaps applied to all areas where opaque and transparent armor meet